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Certified: its official.

We now have a qualified Google Adwords Individual in the office which allows us to:

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Making your site Search Engine Savvy...

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is a form of internet marketing which promotes the visibility of your site in the search engine results pages (SERP’s) and provides a proven Return On Investment.  

These tools include: non-paid SEO, paid placements on pages, and paid inclusion i.e. buying paid search listing.  SEM involves click costs (e.g. Google Adwords).

Therefore the difference between the two can be defined as follows:

Search Engine Marketing - Monthly maintenance of Adwords Campaign

Smokeylemon maintains the Adwords account, revise daily limits for keywords to ensure maximum effect.

The costs per click are covered by yourselves, we set the limit for you & review monthly & provide feedback.

What do we do?

Recommendation on Clicks

Decide on a daily budget that you might ordinarily spend on another form of advertising.

What do you get?

Search Engine Marketing - Monthly maintenance non-PPC campaigns

Review the analytics account, webmaster tools, keywords and traffic history.

What do you get?


SEO / SEM Pricing Guide

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