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Our Team

Mandy McGregor (the big cheese)

Mandy is the director of Smokeylemon, after completing her BSc.(Hons) in Computer Software Development she set up the website design business.

Mandy's role extends to Sales & Quoting and overseeing the business to ensure that clients have the best possible start to their website & design.

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Cameron Oulsnam (webcam)

'Web Cam' is our main man, providing design and development skills to the team. With seven years experience in his field, he is one of the rare few that can design and programme. Cam is also a rock fanatic who plays guitar and is a man of many skills. We are waiting for him to hold his first rock concert in the office.

Cameron's skill set is wide but key ingredients include: Graphic Design for Web, HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL, CMS developer, fluent in all Adobe products and can hand code a site like no other. A thinker, he is always looking for the best solution whilst also considering how the client can manage the site going forward.

You can see Cameron's profile on the Government Careers website here.

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Rakesh Patel (the closer)

AKA 'The Closer' Rakesh is in charge of project management and ensuring deadlines are met. His other roles include Search Engine Marketing & Optimisation, Quality Control and customer liaising. He is also the social club enthusiast; always looking for team-building adventures (usually involving alcohol).

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Casie Pigott (casie monster)

Our newest team member, Casie works alongside Cameron providing design and development skills. Casie produces graphic design templates and can easily implement them into a working website. Like Cameron she has a great breadth of knowledge and works conscientiously to communicate client ideas and make them into reality.

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Jo Brimelow (our jojo)

Not one to mince her words, Jo organises the office, handles the accounts, sorts out the hurricane Mandy leaves behind and ensures fresh coffee is flowing! Jo's role in the website side of Smokeylemon is accounts and business management.

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