'Green' design doesn't have to be green!

An issue that is saturating the world at the moment is PLASTIC... Thankfully many brands are changing their services and packaging. 

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Written by Imogen Bailey

28 March 2018 | 3 Minute(s) to read

As a society, we are more connected than ever, and growing with this is a greater sense of social consciousness. But decades of technological advances have also brought problems that weren't foreseen.

An issue that is saturating the world at the moment is PLASTIC... Thankfully many brands are changing their services and packaging. There are also many new brands emerging to provide for a world that is awakening to the detriment that plastic is to our environment and our personal health.

Here’s an example of a ‘green’ product that I created in response to the overuse of plastic bags.

plastic oceans bag

This bag was influenced by the fact that plastic bags hang around for thousands of years and only break up, not break down, making it easier to leak into the ocean and be eaten by marine life.

As you may see in the sketch, I have mixed marine life with items of single-use plastic that are floating around the ocean right now. I then created a continuous pattern from this sketch to cover the majority of the reusable bag.

I chose this playful way of depicting a real problem, creating a talking point and almost hiding the problem until it’s revealed with closer examination. This was/is a poster design that contains instructions on how to create this finished product - a bag.

plastic oceans bag closeup

Green Design Has Evolved

Now more on 'green' branding. It is not what it use to be, it has evolved, and it is beautifully designed with a variety of colours (not just green). Branding is the visual voice of your product or company, and by being more approachable or eye-catching is a great way to convince skeptical customers to give it a go.

A great example of current ‘green’ branding is Ethique. A personal favourite of mine, visually and morally. And a bonus is that Ethique is a New Zealand company. They’re a beauty company that was created from Brianne’s love of science and passion for the environment. Their branding is simple and effective, with a range of colours used effectively.

Ethique branding

“I am passionate about the values Ethique stands for and the change we are creating in the world with products that are waste free, natural & effective. I am insanely proud that we have prevented more than 150,000 bottles from being made and disposed of thus far and our next goal is one million.”  - Brianne (Founder of Ethique)

ethique branding 2

There are many brands around that are creating alternatives to single use plastic, such as Keep Cups, and do so without using the cliche green. It’s great to see an evolution of branding and environmental awareness working together.

Keep Cups have a script logo, and throughout their cup range use a variety of inviting colours. Being green doesn’t have to be plain!

Keep cup

Things for you to consider:

  • Are there ways your brand can be more environmentally friendly?
  • Are you letting your customers know what you do or changes you’ve made?
  • Is there more you can do?

Be the change you want to see. Consumers love to support brands whose values align with their own. In a time where our impact on the earth is in the forefront you can make a positive influence.

Social media is a great way to broadcast your brands ethos - now you just need to utilise it.

Get in touch and let us help bring your brand into this socially evolving world through print and online.

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