Greenery Hire Indoor Plants Has Now An Online Presence

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Written by Smokeylemon Team

1 September 2017 | Less than a minute to read

How can a local business pop its head above the weeds and flourish whilst attracting business like honey bees to a verdant garden? Ask Greenery Hire.

Greenery Hire is a local business that provides and maintains indoor plants and containers in offices, businesses and workplaces. It’s been owned and operated locally for over 35 years, serving businesses in New Plymouth, Bell Block and Waitara.

However, like many small local businesses in the region, the only way for potential customers to find them was word of mouth. Their online presence was restricted to a short line of text with their contact details in White Pages, until now.

When Lynda Portway -owner of Greenery Hire- decided to have a website as a new official channel to show her work, services and testimonials, she contacted Smokeylemon to work together towards this new challenge. She wanted to be able to provide a free consultation and answer any questions to help smooth the path to hire the plants. The website was designed and developed by Smokeylemon and Lynda was trained to easily manage and update her website. 

The result is the lush looking, a clear and simple website with imagery and testimonials that reflect the business’s spirit of freshness and personal touch. The site has an interactive FAQs section that helps customers and potential customers have all the information they need before hiring. Users are also able to contact Lynda through a short and simple contact form.


Frequently Asked Questions


From now on, Lynda will receive a monthly email with her website’s analytics overview, to allow her to measure her audience’s behaviour and interests and make the changes she considers necessary to increase user engagement.

Thank you for choosing us!


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