In Case You Missed It... This Was Google Partners Connect Retail

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Written by Smokeylemon Team

29 September 2017 | Less than a minute to read

Smokeylemon hosted a new Google Partners Connect event this week, this time focused on retail businesses. The event covered this Christmas’ consumer behaviour, new mobile trends and how a well-developed online strategy can drive sales offline.

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For those who attended the event, thank you for joining us! It was so exciting to hear your questions and being able to discuss the new challenges of measurable and effective digital advertising! If you couldn’t attend, here goes our summary:

  • We are agreed that the idea of reaching consumers through traditional marketing channels is a hard and unmeasurable road to capturing a market that lives online and is hungry for immediacy of information.

  • The three key takeaways from the videos were:

Be Found - make sure you come up in search listings

Smokeylemon can help you with your Google My Business listings, your Website SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and your Google and social media advertising so you can be FOUND.

Be Relevant - make your content interesting to the consumer

We can work alongside you to write and create content within your website and ensure that you have keyword rich landing pages to ensure that your digital marketing and content is RELEVANT to the consumer.

Be Seamless - make sure your website functions smoothly across all devices

And of course, we can develop and code your website to create a SEAMLESS experience for your consumers no matter what device they are viewing on.

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 Google Partners Connect Retail

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