One Of New Plymouth’s Coolest Concept Stores Shines Online

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Written by Smokeylemon Team

18 August 2017 | Less than a minute to read

Studio 18 Jewellery Collection is probably one of the most popular independent and locally owned businesses in New Plymouth's CBD shopping area. Located in the heart of the city, they offer stunning pieces of jewellery from some of the world’s hottest brands, including Pandora, Swarovski, Thomas Sabo, Nikki Lissoni and Les Georgettes.

After 12 years running Dalgleish Diamond Jewellers, owners Bill Roy and Lynette Rowan opened an exciting new retail store in Devon Street called Studio 18 Jewellery Collection. This allowed Bill and Lynette to re-direct their businesses’ strategy: setting Dalgleish as their bespoke, unique and handcrafted jewellery store, and position Studio 18 as their branded jewellery and watches store.

In doing so, they wanted to upgrade their Studio 18 standard website to an e-Commerce site to showcase their line of popular international brands and make them accessible to more than just a local audience, this blossomed into the beautiful website that is Studio 18, which was built on the Shopify platform. As they mention in their website, now they can facilitate “a new and modern way of purchasing jewellery”.

Studio 18 Website


The website was a full team effort engaging the talents of our design and development teams to style the design and ensure the functionality was sound bringing the site to life, then once complete it was up to our digital marketing team to ensure that SEO and Google Adwords were working to get viewers to the site. Once the new website was ready to use, we trained the Studio 18 team to be able to update and manage the content on the site.

We’ve built the functionality to allow the products to shine.

Studio 18 customers can now easily browse the collections, see new arrivals in the home page, filter by brand or product type and sort those results by price, date, popularity or alphabetically. They can also signup for email updates and place orders quickly whether on their desktop computers or mobile devices.

 Studio 18 E commerce

Building on the Shopify platform makes Studio 18 a simple and easy-to-navigate e-commerce site, with a secure online checkout accessible in a few steps, it makes the online shopping experience safe, fast and enjoyable. The ease of use is also a positive for the website administrators as they are really happy about how easy the Shopify platform is to update and manage.

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