Smokeylemon Hosts A New Google Partners Event For Retailers

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Written by Smokeylemon Team

4 September 2017 | Less than a minute to read

If you are a New Plymouth retail business fighting to survive in an ever increasing online world this event will be one of the most beneficial to attend this year.

What is Google Partners Connect Retail? 

Partners Connect Retail is a Google event that will give you the opportunity to learn from Google and Smokeylemon about the benefits of online advertising in the retail sector, and specially how we can help you in your digital journey to get your retail business thriving online.

Where is the Google Partners Connect Retail event?

Smokeylemon, 7 Clinton St, Fitzroy, New Plymouth.

When is the Google Partners Connect Retail event? 

Wednesday 27th September 2017

Time: Arrive 2.30 for greeting and nibbles, 2.45 PM start.

Google PartnersSmokeylemon


Smokeylemon along with Google AUS/NZ present a key information event for New Plymouth’s retail businesses looking to or struggling with negotiating effective advertising online.

Register Today: Wednesday 27th September - 2.30 PM


In today’s world of instant information everybody is online, your customers are online, your competitors are online, as the competition gets hotter and customers more demanding for instant information you need to ensure that your business and its products can be found online... in a flash. Your products, in front of the right people at the right time.

Why Should You Attend?

“Big shout out to Mands and the team at Smokeylemon for hosting an excellent presentation by the guys at Google (and for adding some marketing know-how gold of their own at the end). Love your work!"

Richard Williams - Billings Lawyers. 

This event will show you how you can use online advertising to drive both offline and online business. You will hear exclusively from Google via their broadcast available only to Google Partners and have Smokeylemon’s digital and development team on hand to help you understand and assess the merits and pitfalls of online advertising for your business. View the speakers here.

Limited Availability

There are limited numbers of 20 places and there is no cost to you other than your time.

Book Your Seat Today

Where: Smokeylemon, 7 Clinton St, Fitzroy, New Plymouth

When: Wednesday 27th September 2017

Time: Arrive 2.30 for greeting and nibbles, 2.45 PM start.

If you want to win the online war for exposure and drive more leads to your retail or online store then register here today. Once again places are limited to 20 people only.


Register Today: Wednesday 27th September - 2.30 PM