Smokeylemon is now 16. It feels like a lifetime in the fast-moving digital business! All the team celebrated and spent our anniversary looking back at our 16-year path, as well as sharing new challenges to come. We’ve grown so much and the upcoming year finds us more motivated and busier than ever before!

Smokeylemon team celebrating 16 years


We had a fun day recalling stories and funny experiences of “Smokeylemon past” -not to mention indulging in birthday treats. There was also time to open old files as we felt a bit nostalgic and we found hilarious content such as the first Smokeylemon website and business cards!



Smokeylemon old website header


Our first website was built by the team back in 2001, using straight HTML & CSS, no database stuff back then!


Smokeylemon’s first homepage and current home page

Smokeylemon’s first homepage and current homepage. 


Smokeylemon business card evolution

Mandy’s business card design 2001-2017


Smokeylemon Logo evolution

Smokeylemon logo evolution 2001-2017

So far, so good!

Browsing our history we found that we have built 960 websites worldwide and we’ve got more than 15 Google AdWords certifications so far. Every day we manage 60+ AdWords accounts and 5 social media channels are managed daily for our clients.

By the way… Today we reached 500+ friends in our Facebook community!

What else can we say but THANK YOU! It's been a pleasure to be your digital partner since dial-up days!

The Smokeylemon Team


Smokeylemon team celebrating 16 years

(L to R) Mandy, Jo, Jono, Donna, Maria, Cam, Ross, Jai.



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