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The Logo Month Cheatsheet

Written by Smokeylemon Team

28 September 2018 | Less than a minute to read

As part of the Terrorise Your Town campaign, Smokeylemon brings you #LogoMonth so you can finally refresh your look, make a big noise and stop scaring business away with that old logo!

Logo Month Packages

Not too sure what each package is offering? And wondering which one suits your needs?

Well, if you’re a business that has a logo that you’re happy with but you have managed to misplace the logo files - or never received any, then the ‘Logo Suite’ is for you.

If you’re looking at your logo and thinking “mmm it’s a tad dated”, then the ‘Logo Refresh’ option sounds like your answer, allowing you to have your logo look updated but keeping its essence.

While the third option is a more complete ‘Logo Design’ package. The ‘Logo Design’ package is for the new business that is yet to give their logo a thought, or perhaps you have a logo that you feel is far off from representing your brand then this is the perfect opportunity for you to get a brand new logo.


See some of our logo designs here


Now that you understand what each package’s purpose is, here’s a breakdown explaining each of the elements that we’ve listed in the packages details:

Scalable version

A scalable version of your logo is exactly as it sounds, a copy of your logo that can be used at multiple sizes. For example, it can be scaled down to be used on a pen and scaled up to be used on a sign. Because nothing screams ‘eww’ like a stretched or pixelated logo. This version is perfect for all print mediums. This is restricted to logos that are vectorised and don’t use photographic elements.

Black & white version

We have come across many businesses that may only have one version of their logo that doesn’t always look good on certain backgrounds or print elements. For example, if you are printing monochrome flyers or collateral, the colour version might not look as good in monochrome. For this reason, we’re providing a black & white version of your logo so it can be used in many formats and still look sleek.

Web version

A crisp version of your logo that is created for optimal use on all web platforms. In either .png or .jpeg format. PNG allows for transparent backgrounds - which can be great for placing your logo on an image for your social media platforms, allowing for brand recognition.

Colours & fonts

This is included in the ‘Logo Refresh’ & ‘Logo Design’ package. As well as the above items, you’ll receive a file letting you know the colours used in your logo, their Hex breakdown and CMYK code. You will also get the name of the font/s used to create your logotype allowing for future branding to incorporate these elements. Please note that if a specific font needs to be purchased this will be an additional cost.

Full style guide

This is only included in the ‘Logo Design’ package as this is for a brand new logo. A style guide is a logo’s sidekick. Every logo should be supported by a style guide for it to reach its full potential. A style guide states the correct uses and the variations of the logo that can be used if the conditions require so. Style guides are useful to employees, clients, press media and marketing agencies. They make sure that your brand is cohesive in all aspects of reproduction and any and all applications it’s placed in.

See some of our logo designs here


Still unsure? We’ll help you decide!

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