What makes infographics so successful (and why you should implement them)

We see infographics all the time and everywhere.


Written by Smokeylemon Team

30 August 2017 | Less than a minute to read

We see infographics all the time and everywhere. Magazines, newspapers, social media, and mostly websites are making the most of their persuasive power as a consequence of an undeniable fact: audiences are reading less and less when it comes to plain text.

As Website Design and Digital Marketing Specialists, we test and prove it daily: colours, graphics, buttons, images, animations and videos engage users considerably more and faster than a bunch of descriptive and boring paragraphs. They invite visitors to stay in the site, and what’s more important they will be likely to come back soon and convert.

That’s why we love using them!  

All seems to be as clear and easy as that. But… what’s the scientific explanation to this phenomenon? Find it out in this infographic by Neomam.

 Infographic about infographics

If you got to read this line, it’s no wonder that infographics have been so successful.

Make your information engaging! we can create an attractive infographic with all that text.

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