is a website that combines content and design in a perfect balance. When user experience is priority, this website is a fine example. See how we did it!

Inmark Website LAptop

Clayton & Jason from Alpha Customs came to Smokeylemon with the need of a brand new website as the main digital channel for the New Zealand branch of Inmark Temperature-Controlled Packaging (TCP) solutions, the product is a first of its kind in the country.

Inmark is an international and globally-renowned company that has been running their packaging business through Inmark Packaging for more than 40 years.  A growing market helped to expand the business enough to generate specialised divisions. The Inmark Temperature-Controlled Packaging brand is a result of that success and we knew that their New Zealand distributor’s website needed to lead, and educate the market.

Website must haves

The new website needed to have a modern design, an easy-to-read interface that allowed customers to easily find and be informed of all Temperature-Controlled Packaging solutions available, rich content about each range, specifications, images, uses and limitations. A mobile version of the site was a must.

Inmark responsive website


What we did

We focused our efforts on graphic and diagrammatic ways to display the website content. An expanded menu on the left-hand side helps users to see the whole site structure at a glance and tell what section they are browsing.

inmark website infographic

Although the site is loaded with rich information and every page displays useful content, you won’t find any boring or flat wall of text. Instead, you’ll be able to quickly understand and compare their different solutions thanks to the infographics and charts that the client provided and icons that we designed for them.



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