Why you can't fudge Google Ads management

Imagine that your ad only appeared in front of people who were already thinking of buying a product or service like yours.

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Written by Ross Bennett

8 April 2017 | 2 Minute(s) to read

Imagine that your ad only appeared in front of people who were already thinking of buying a product or service like yours.


Imagine the savings from not having to pay for your ad to be placed in front of people who aren't interested in what you have to offer.


Google's Ads digital advertising platform gives you the ability to do just that.


To control where, when and who sees your ads and at what stage of the buying cycle they are in doesn't take a crystal ball nor a Harry Potter type of wand wiggle. What it does take though is some very complex search algorithms, one of the world's biggest companies, hours of study and in my case three coffees, two glasses of full cream milk, six exams and a piece of Russian fudge... OK, 12 pieces of Russian fudge but don't tell my kids.

Thankfully for our clients that's the only type of fudging you'll find going on and I cannot stress more, the importance of finding a certified person to manage your Google Ads campaigns for you. We lost a lot of good fudge in the battle to gain our certifications but it's a hit we were willing to take in order to gain the knowledge to run a Google Ads campaign to its full potential for our clients. (Actually very willing to take, over and over again... oh the humanity!) 

There are many complexities to managing your precious marketing budget when using Google Ads, with daily shifts in competition, budget constraints, keyword popularity and market trends all having an effect on where and how often your ads place. A good Google Ads manager will keep an analytical eye on your account and shift your budget or restructure your ads to keep up with the constant change, in order to keep your ads showing to the right people and maximise your return on investment.

The "place and pray" model of traditional advertising has been swept aside by a way more sophisticated system. Google Ads platforms have a solution for all stages of advertising, be that speaking to a narrow range of buyers who are in-market and ready to purchase or broad audiences that you want to expose your brand to for later recognition and recollection.

Whatever your marketing objective, whichever stage of the buying cycle your customers are in, using Google Ads will get you in front of them. With our Google certified qualifications, and maybe a little bit of fudge, we can make sure your digital advertising is providing you with a sweet return on investment.


About the Author:

Ross recently passed all six Google Ads exams as part of the Google Aus/NZ specialist challenge and is now certified in Google Ads fundamentals, search, video, shopping, display, and mobile. He's probably not as overweight as you imagine from the article above.

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