Youtube's Home Page Evolution… In Just 2 Minutes


Written by Smokeylemon Team

11 August 2017 | Less than a minute to read

4096 is a Youtube channel that creates interesting animation videos about the history and evolution of different gadgets like Nintendo consoles or PlayStation. In this video, the channel has released a new video showing the history of all the changes YouTube has made to its homepage since 2005. How many layouts do you recognise?


However, the site evolution and progress since 2005 exceeds design and functionality, it also meant an impressive growth in traffic across these years: Alphabet  (the parent company of Google and YouTube) reported last week that YouTube now has 1.5 billion monthly viewers watching an average of 60 minutes per day on mobile devices, which puts viewers closer to Google's mobile search engine. And there’s more: Victor Anthony, managing director and internet media analyst at Aegis Capital, told CNBC that if YouTube were a company it would have a value of at least $75 billion.