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Websites need love and attention to keep search rankings up.

The world now lives online and to capture their needs and wants, you need to be marketing to them through digital channels. Smokeylemon are certified Google Partners and our expertise means that we can bring you more customers by developing an integrated digital marketing strategy featuring google adwords, social media marketing, search engine marketing and display advertising to allow you to do what you do best - service those new customers. 

Once your website is built and live, its time to tell people you are out there. Your website won't instantly rank highly on search engines but with the right marketing strategy from Smokeylemon you will increase your search visibility and we'll make sure that you are using the most effective channels to reach your target audience, maximise your return on investment, and achieve your business goals. We have helped many of our clients reach that elusive #1 spot on Google and we can help you too.

We help you to reach your audience in the right way, at the right time to generate leads, make contact, boost sales - whatever the desired result is.  Not only do we set up systems to maximise Return On Investment (ROI), we monitor the results and report and discuss the results with you. 

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Google Adwords setup and monitoring at Smokeylemon. Call 06 758 8909

Google Adwords Advertising

Measure Your Return On Ad Spend

Though Google promotes AdWords to businesses as a do-it-yourself platform the reality is much different. Many small business have tried and failed due to their limited understanding around Google algorithms and how they work. This medium represents a highly successful means for many businesses to generate leads, enquiries and sales... If done properly.

Our team of Google Certified experts can help you avoid costly mistakes and help you reach your goals.  Smokeylemon is a Certified Google Partner.

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Email Marketing

A Personal Way To Reach Your Target Market

Email marketing is a powerful way to connect with people and it works best when its personalised. Email can be customised to your customers actions so that it is relevant to their interest and responds to their actions.  Reach people specifically interested in your product or service and reconnect to them to generate higher conversion rates.

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Advanced Analytics & Reporting

Continual Improvements Increase Conversions

Every online business has steps that people must take in order to convert into a customer. Funnels help us see this process easily, by giving us a visual representation of the steps those customers take and the touch points you have set up along the way. Smokeylemon will complete a comprehensive review of website data (Google Analytics & other software tools) to recommend funnel steps and find behaviour patterns. Armed with this information you can make informed enhancements to your site and other marketing assets to gain maximum exposure and increase the likelihood of converting prospects into customers.


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Facebook Advertising

Perfect For Very Niche Targeting

From age and gender to location and likes, Facebook provides a wealth of demographic information that allows for very specific targeting.

Smokeylemon will work with you to develop a Facebook advertising campaign that is visually appealing & reinforces the brand. Then we craft a strategy that is intended to enhance the bottom line. We use Facebook's advanced targeting capabilities to reach and convert your prospects and we measure and report on performance every step of the way.

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Social Media Marketing

Engage Your Target Market

Social Media has become an important part of our lives. Accessible to anyone with an internet connection, social media now makes it easy to promote your products and services to a broad audience and target their specific interests and likes. Companies which have no social media engagement are missing this great opportunity.

Social Media drives traffic to your website and more traffic equals more sales. Our graphic designer will design your pages for Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, Pinterest, or any other social media platform with flair reflecting your brand, products and services.


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64.6% of people click on Google Ads when they are looking to buy an item online! (Wordstream)

44% of people begin their online shopping experience with a search engine. (NChannel)

97% of NZ consumers search online for information on products and services. (Statistics NZ)