For every website purchased until 31st March, we will build a free Lite Site for a charity, foundation or non-profit club of your choice.*

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Looking for the perfect way to give back? We’ve got you covered. For every website purchased before 31st March, we will build a Lite Site for a charity, foundation or non-profit club of your choice for FREE*.

*T&C’s apply.

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Lite Site?

A Lite Site is a pre-templated website - meaning its more affordable than a custom built site. Our Lite Sites are robust, secure and easy to use. They are also future proofed, so if you need to make any custom additions in the future you can!

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Free one?

Do you work with a non-profit, foundation or charity? Or are you part of a club on the weekends who need a new website? Perfect! A lot of the time a new website is out of reach for not-for-profits, so we thought why not give them one. We will work with you and your non for profit to bring their new website to life along side yours.

What is the ongoing cost?

For you, there will be the standard on going costs of having a website, but for your charity, we will delay hosting charges for 2 years from the go live date. So for them, they have their new website for free for 2 years.

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How do I take advantage of this?

Get in touch with the team today!

You can call or email us to book your build spot. We have a limit of 20 websites during the 3 month period, so get in quick to secure your spot for you and your non for profit!

Why a Lite Site is perfect for your business (and how to donate a Lite Site for free)


Our lite sites are designed, built and services by our team of experts. Lite sites are built on Silverstripe, a robust, secure web platform which makes managing your own website content easy.

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Eccomerce website for small business


Lite sites are built with the little guy in mind. Our lite sites use a pre designed and pre built theme, meaning a large chunk of the cost has been taken care of.

Easy to use

Updating your website shouldn’t be hard. We make sure to make it easy for you to update the content of your website, so you don’t need to come to us each time you want to make a change. As part of your package, you are trained to use the content management side of your site.

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Future Proof v2

Future proofed

Down the track, if you go from being the little guy to the big dog in town, no worries, your website can be added to over time. Our team of designers and developers can add advance creative solutions to your existing lite site as you grow.


Our themes work for businesses, sports clubs and side hustles. Whether is a website to promote your business or club, a one page website to get you online, or somewhere to sell your products, lite site has you covered.

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Locally Supported

Our lite sites are supported by your local creative solution experts at Smokeylemon! If you ever need a hand with your website, we are available to help you out.

Donate a free Lite Site

Looking for the perfect way to give back? We’ve got you covered. For every Lite Site purchased from January to April, we will build a free Lite Site for a charity, foundation or club of your choice. There are only 20 build spots available, so secure yours quick! Get in touch with the team today at smokeylemon.com

Ts & Cs

  • This promotion runs from ... until 31st March 2023, or until 20 free sites are allocated.
  • The customer must purchase a paid website, not including one pagers, before the promotion completion.
  • Hosting of the free site will be paid for 24 months from the live date, following which hosting costs will be initiated.
  • Should the free site not currently have a domain name purchased, the cost of purchasing will be at the expense of the customer.
  • Content writing in not included in the free website.
  • Logo design is not included in the free website.
  • Should no imagery be available, free stock images will be used.
  • Analytics will be installed so you can check how your visitors are spending time on your website, and assess improvement areas.
  • All of our websites are mobile friendly.
  • Search Engine Friendly - We develop everything in-house following Google's SEO best practices.