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Full Company Branding

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Full branding services for Feron Property, including logo, business cards, brochures, presentation folders and website.

Feron Property - Full Company Branding
Feron Property - Full Company Branding

Design Brief

For Chris from Feron Property Management we needed to create an eye catching image, this needed to stand out to the target audience and draw their attention in. The baby feet were used on conjunction with the red sign to create an image that matched his business.

The friendly professional and quirky nature of Feron Property needed to show through in the branding, and we think this was captured perfectly in the range of stationary, namely the brochure.

We had, and continue to have heaps of fun working with Chris!

This initial worked flowed through onto plenty of other work, including a brochure, business cards, website, presentation folders, property signs and much more!

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