new brand and website for bhl feeds

The brief was audacious, it was rapid and it had start-as-you-mean-to-go-on written all over it. The rapid nature of the development involved all creative sectors in Smokeylemon with web development, brand development, graphic design, marketing and account management all working to bring the BHL brand to life.


Even though this was a brand new business, the directors of BHL were well versed in the business of stock feeds and were able to share their years of knowledge with our team to ensure that us city slickers knew our molasses from our condensed distillers' syrup. This ensured that there was a revolving door of design execution and client review to make sure that we were able to progress the job accurately and at pace.

Marketing kicked things off with the brand development, we started to form a strong identity for BHL, giving the new company an established and knowledgeable, modern look in the market, we developed consistent marketing messages and identified brand characteristics that can be shared to lead the culture of the business.

BHLFeeds logo v2


The client had already specified the colours that he wanted for the business and we were happy to run with those choices, refining them to fit the design.
The lettering was designed specifically for the logo, adapted from an existing typeface, creating a legible and unique piece of typography. The colouring and gradient use created more depth and interest to the three-letter logo. Our designers then used that complementary typeface to support those letterforms for the byline text.
To add more interest and texture to the brand we utilised a line drawing of a rural background which gives the product a sense of place and indicates purpose.

After establishing the look and feel of the brand it was all hands to the mouse as the designers created the website design, stationery, signage, sales sheets and also a 20m2 stand to be set up at that most kiwi of all trade expositions, Feildays. Marketing kicked in again designing a digital sign up form for capturing leads at Fieldays and an automated follow-up email to keep in touch with new customers.

BHLFeeds Brand


At the same time this was going on we were developing the structure of the website making sure that the functionality was established before skinning it with the graphic design that was informed by the branding process.

A slick, responsive website with easy access to product overviews and downloads was soon uploaded to the world.

BHLFeeds Website v2


This was a great example of having all the creative resources you need under one roof to produce a solid identity and brand in rapid time.

BHLFeeds Signage