Brand Design & Website

We were approached by Charlotte Ward of Silk Skin Spa to create a brand/identity for her new venture. Charlotte Talks which is a way for Charlotte to bring her love of motivating, educating and making people laugh to life as a business. Charlotte Talks, is a service, where Charlotte can be booked as your events keynote speaker an MC or to train you or your team on public speaking.

logo design

The goal with designing a logo for Charlotte Talks was to incorporate the bubbly fun loving personality of the lady behind (and in front of) the brand. I began thinking of imagery and icons that represent talking and presenting e.g., microphones, speech bubbles and megaphones.

From that rudimental beginning I then gravitated towards the abstraction of a speech bubble that was created with a 'C' and 't'. Once the logo was refined it was then time to think about colours. Charlotte requested yellow and black for her logo's colour.

Charlotte talks logo development

branded items - email signatures & business cards

With the logo designed and approved the next steps were to create an email signature and business cards. Now this is where the idea to incorporate more colours came into play. To get the playful spirt I suggested having an interchangeable email signature.

We then pushed this idea and created 4 colour sets of business cards. With the main one being yellow. Have the text and logo white against these vibrant colours worked best and kept the branding looking fresh and modern. Opposed to opting for the original black and yellow colour scheme.

Charlotte talks email signature b cards

website design

Keeping the high vibrancy of the colours created in the branding was important to incorporate into the website design. This website was a simple templated site that allowed for a quick design and build time on a smaller budget - great for a new business.

Having great photos provided from Charlotte helped bring this website to life.

Charlotte talks website screenshots