new brand, website and marketing for latitude homes

Latitude Homes, approached Smokeylemon in 2017 looking for a ‘one-stop-shop’ for all their marketing needs. A brand refresh, a new website integrated with a CRM system were developed, and promoted with a marketing strategy in both traditional and digital media. The results have been amazing.

strategy and results

Wanting to grow business in the regions but lacking a strong marketing strategy, they approached Smokeylemon to develop a holistic marketing strategy that delivered unified communications across different channels and regions in New Zealand, driving customers to the website and their local franchise.

What we did:
- Branding
- Website with advanced features
- Digital campaigns: Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Google My Business, TV on demand, content marketing, email marketing
- Video ad production
- Centralised CRM and marketing automation (SharpSpring)
- Traditional advertising - Radio, Press Ads

- Highest month of sales after only 3 months of marketing
- Added 3 new franchises since Jan 2018
- Sales growth is up 25% on 2018
- LH has moved from outside of the top 20 group home building companies to be 18th in 2019 and 12th in 2020

strategy and results

BRAND & logo

The brand needed a facelift and a new driving proposition. We organised several workshops with the Latitude Homes team to get to know and understand the brand’s attributes and personality. This led to a core document that would guide every marketing action with consistency across platforms.

Our design team suggested a full brand refresh that included refining the existing logo. Latitude Homes’ revised logo maintains the brand values shown in the compass icon but uses a new colour palette and cleaner lines that makes it look modern and uncomplicated, reflecting the needs of their target audience.

LatitudeHomes print

new website with custom functionalities

The most important aspect of the new website is its user-friendliness, not only for the front end users but also for the franchisees who can now update content and prices from an easy to use interface.

It generates brochures dynamically, when a user views a house design and selects a region, they can download a custom brochure with the house plans, price, description and contact details for that region. The site has an advanced search field, social media integration, dynamic sorting of plans, a wishlist and a set of guides for first home builders.

LatitudeHomes website


The digital marketing strategy includes Google Ads (Display, Search and Youtube ads), Facebook and Instagram ads, remarketing campaigns, email marketing, content marketing, keyword research and search engine optimisation (SEO) on a monthly basis.

With a sales and marketing focussed CRM like SharpSpring integrated to the website, the client is able to collect users’ contact details every time they download a brochure from the website. The users will then get a time dependent chain of automated emails with useful information for house building. By collecting this highly detailed contact data, the sales team can manage and contact hot leads to arrange a meeting.

Some marketing results:
- Facebook likes: The regional Facebook pages were unified into a single national Facebook page that started with 500 followers in 2017. The page now has a growing audience of 5,900 people.
- Website visitors: 2017: 17,840 > 2019: 386,667
- SharpSpring generated leads: 673 (March 2019) to 7445 (Jan 2020) - around 750/month ongoing.

Latitude Digital Marketing

TV ad production

As part of the marketing strategy, we developed an ad for TV, TV on demand and Youtube Ads. For the concept, we came up with the idea of a character that was smart, loveable and a little vulnerable. The character also had to reflect Latitude Homes’ core belief ‘that every Kiwi should be able to afford a brand new home’.

We took this core belief to a literal level and then started to craft a story that would create curiosity with the viewer, then empathy and finally the joy and feel good factor that comes with a happy ending.

tv ad concepts


Brand consistency throughout all signage was key in making that all-important leap of visual recognition from seeing an ad in digital and print media to seeing the brand out in the street. The familiar blue colour punctuated with a yellow strip at the top of the showhome sign catches the passing eye.

We also remodeled the traditional safety posters to fit the brand, and created a branded message on a coming soon sign to indicate that "another Kiwi family is about to get a brand new home faster, easier, and for less than they expect." By placing the focus on the family and not the company it allows the viewer to place themselves in the picture and think, "Hey, that could be me, too."
Vehicle signage, clothing and trade show stands soon became part of the project, giving us more platforms to promote the brand to the public.

LatitudeHomes signage