Lease Link

Custom website and brand

Website design for Lease Link

This new business needed a simple yet effective brand and website to match the premium service they were offering. We were tasked with creating a modern brand to fit the service, as well as a website that made it easy for potential clients to enter the needed information, to allow Lease Link to put their extensive knowledge and skills to good use.


Brand & logo

We were approached by the team at Lease Link to create a sharp, modern looking brand that gelled with the personality and skills that they have. We worked with the client to create a moodboard of ideas, took feedback from that and progressed on to several pages of hand sketched ideas. From there the idea of the N in negative space was born, and the logo came to shape. The end result is a logo  that appeals to the right demographic and reflects the brand personality & professionalism  of the  Lease Link team.

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The brief for the website was to create an online portal that people could use to enlist the help of leasing a vehicle for their business. The end user submits their details, and Lease Link does all the hard work to find the best options available. The website neded to be simple, modern, easy to use but still show the premium feel that the brand and the skills of the team at Lease Link possess. We also needed to integrate the use of an external API that pulls data in so the end user can select from a wide range of vehicles to suit their needs.

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