New Plymouth
Yacht Club

New Plymouth Yacht Club

The New Plymouth Yacht Club was in need of a new website. This was to service the members and promote the club and sailing to the region. This was the first site to use “Image Mirage” which turns still images into animations. This was the perfect site to start with as the animation was very effective with the images of the ocean and intense clouds.
The Club needed a site which was easy to navigate, was informative for new members and those wanting to learn to sail, and a place for members to get up to date forms and articles.

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Website and content writing

As well as designing and building the site from scratch, Smokeylemon helped with content writing and images sourcing.


Website Mockup

Animated Banners

We made some animated banners to create movement on this website, a new style that is not utilised much at the moment, so it makes the site stand out. A few people might get sea sick viewing the website, but we think it's worth it!