e-commerce website and marketing for Pinto Trailers

Pinto Trailers are an iconic Kiwi brand which has been around for almost 40 years. Their existing website had been around for almost as many years: it was out of date, not mobile friendly and visitors to the website could not purchase online. We changed that.


The scope was to deliver an e-commerce solution which was easy for them to manage orders and product updates. Not only that, the website needed to function well on mobile devices, and meet the specific trailer & accessory combinations for the best and easiest user experience.

We developed a Shopify site that contains all the products, information and functionalities to purchase trailers online. The theme looks clean and the whole website is very easy to navigate.

Shopify website v2

Marketing Pinto Trailers

We are gaining marketing momentum for Pinto Trailers specifically targeting the male audience from the Waikato to Cape Reinga. Trailers are hard to deliver en masse! We determined the strategy, audience type, and the expectation of each of the marketing avenues right from the outset, even before the website construction began so we had a high-level view of where Pinto is, and where they want to go as a business. And then we delivered.

We run Facebook Campaigns, Google Adwords, Mailouts and Remarketing in a strategic way, giving the audience time to absorb the information, and then reminding them Pinto is the right trailer brand for their needs. Working also with Radio we delivered a fast-turnaround Yard Sale promo - the first-ever. It was pretty nifty to get that done swiftly! And now we monitor and measure.

Marketing PintoMarketing


But wait, there's more! Now that the brand and style had been updated, the printed material needed some love too. So in time for Fieldays the design team produced a bunch of product-specific flyers for the sales team to use.

Now Pinto have a more complete brand to market, better tools to show their exceptional products off with and already greater sales success with the use of those marketing tools.