our new brand and logo

When Mandy, the big cheese here at Smokeylemon, told us we were moving studios in three weeks, we saw a perfect opportunity to relook at our offerings and refresh our brand, albeit with a super quick deadline to ensure that we got it sorted!
We’ve cleaned up the logo, clarified our messages and defined our colours and fonts. We love our new brand, it’s confident, simple, professional and happy - we hope you love it too.

logo development

The first decision we needed to make on the logo was, “are we keeping the name?” We bandied about some ideas but at the end of the day, it always came back to the fact that we felt we have one of the most interesting names in town and so we set out designing a logo that would help to define the name.

This was certainly a team effort, with excellent development execution by the design team and input from every corner of the room! We played with shortened representations of the name, symbols and type forms. Each new round received considered and rapid review until common themes and preferences started to appear and we felt that it was time to settle on a direction and refine.

smokey mockup1

logo final

Overall we wanted to present a brand that simplified the complexity of our offerings, that appealed to business and spoke with a confident happy tone. We needed a logo that represented this and our new logo gives us just that.

Lowercase lettering in a bold font presents a simple and friendly face that is easily read. Playfully giving the public a visual to remember the name came in the form of the lemon wedge that sits comfortably within the logo as the ‘o’ in lemon. The tagline “develop design deliver delight” explains our product delivery process.

smokey mockup2 v2


With high exposure areas around our new studio, we are able to show off our brand to high traffic areas. Alternating between the dark charcoal and happy yellow backgrounds we are able to create eye-catching signage with simple messages on.

Again, the idea is to communicate in simple clear statements, incite curiosity in our services and lead customers to our door or our website.

smokey mockup3


Continuing the friendly theme through to our stationery allowed us to squeeze the mundane out of everyday products and apply a little quirkiness to the design.

Our notepads ask you to ‘take note’, our folders invite you to ‘check this out’ and throughout the printed materials we stay true to the clean bold happy yellow and charcoal grey contrast

smokey mockup4

marketing messages

We found that as our work becomes more complex and technical it was most important to focus on what the outcomes are for the customer rather than lose them in a jungle of jargon.
We also gave ourselves an opportunity to tie the messages directly back to the business name to increase brand recall. Cue the lemon puns!

‘Squeeze more out of your marketing’, ‘adding more zest to your brand’, ‘tasty slices of creativity’, ‘expect a bigger slice of your market’. All of these phrases presented a positive outcome in a fun way to the potential client.

smokey mockup5