Tiger Town

Brand & Illustration for Tiger Town

Brand and illustration for Moturoa Cafe

A good friend of Smokeylemon approached us in need of a new look for her new cafe. She already had the style in mind that she wanted, so we worked with her to create something a bit retro, a bit modern, and a bit quirky. She really wanted it to look like that 60s milkshake bar with teeth.



This was a really fun brand to work on. The client wanted to replicate a font she saw on an old coolstores building in town, so we had some photos taken and took to the computer to replicate it, tweaking it to give it that unique feel and we had the base for the logo. We gave it some claws to give the word ‘tiger’ some life and the logo was done.

TigerTown block4 v2


To give this brand the look it deserved we needed to come up with some illustrations that would really compliment it, so we set to work with a pencil and paper, a digital tablet, and eventually the computer to digitise the illustration.

TigerTown Block7

Shop graphics & signage

To go with the new brand, there was also a path sign, flag and some window decals.

TigerTown block9