website build for winter fest

Taranaki Arts Festival Trust came to us with their website design concept. After some collaboration between us we executed their design into a fully functioning website. In order to do this, we reviewed the design from a user (UX) perspective and created the build, ensuring it looked amazing in desktop and mobile view.

the website

This design is full of beautiful two-tone colour. The site works alongside the billboards that are throughout New Plymouth complementing their booklets showcasing the continuity between the brand.

We love the colour combination that the creative team sent us and we were happy to partner with them to bring you this fresh and intuitive site. Enjoy the show!

winterfest homepage menu

Shows & Their Information

The layout of this website is all about giving the viewer information about the Winter Fest shows, with the clear top menu that leads the viewer to find out more.

Below you can see how each show page has a blurb about what to expect along with a video clip to give the viewer an insight into what to expect.

winterfest preformance pages