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Marketing for franchise models

You’ve worked hard, you’ve franchised your business model, and you have some great licensees on board.

But your franchisees are all advertising differently. You have no information on where your leads, if any, are coming from. You don’t know what advertising is working best or if you are even saying the right things to drive sales. It’s a common problem, you’re not alone and Smokeylemon are here to help.

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Are you ready for the next stage of growth for your franchise business?

Grab a lion’s share of your market with Smokeylemon.

Whether you are a brand new concept looking for a successful, experienced and proven brand and marketing partner or an existing franchise looking to rebrand or reposition yourself in the market, Smokeylemon will work with you to:

Develop brand consistency, delivering a stronger brand retention with your customers.

Determine market share, competitor analysis and set KPIs for growth.

Create a strong social media presence for brand awareness and visibility.

Automate lead generation, and build a system to deliver each lead to the correct franchisee.

Design print, TV, radio and online ad campaigns that work together to drive leads to your website or store.

Manage, measure and report on your results so that you understand the ROI of your marketing.

Smokeylemon gets results

No matter how flash your marketing looks, if it isn’t getting prospects to your door then it just flat out is not working for you. Smokeylemon has both the creative flair and the measured marketing genius to create campaigns that work.

Since late 2017 Smokeylemon has been the chosen agency for Latitude Homes, a national group home building company.

Smokeylemon have taken Latitude Homes from outside of the top 30 group home building companies in New Zealand in 2017 to be 18th in 2019 and 12th in 2020.

Latitude Homes engaged Smokeylemon to create a marketing strategy for them that would take them into the top tier of group home builders in New Zealand. This involved:


Their existing branding was 10 years old. We reinvented them with a new colour scheme, modern fonts and a tagline that really epitomised what they stand for.

Company rebranding
Franchise marketing

Website overhaul & customisations

Introducing the new brand into the website plus some smart filtering and user experience we have made the visual experience more pleasing to the end user, which increased customer retention/returning visitors and more qualified sales enquiries.

Print materials and signage

From home show stands to show home signs the Latitude brand is consistently delivering the same message in which all franchisees live and breathe. They believe in their own brand which in turn exudes confidence to their customers. All print material is of high quality, just like their builds.

CRM Setup Automation v4

Centralised marketing CRM with automated marketing

Lead generation automation has been invaluable to the business. By filtering out 'tyre kickers' the sales team are only dealing with valuable, qualified leads.  Automation and workflows dictate where the leads should go, and the customer's touch points with the brand are recorded, giving incredible insight.

National advertising

Marketing budgets require management. This means we have forecasted the marketing plan and can factor in expenses such as TV and full page newspaper ads in a controlled and planned way. Delivering the brand nationally with bulk buying power we can ensure each region is apportioned the allocated spend - no franchise gets left behind.

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Client management and reporting

Detailed reports, broken into each region/franchise, are created, analysed and delivered every month. We monitor and measure marketing influence and website visitor behaviour whilst looking for peaks and trends, that give us the insights we can apply going forward. We have the privilege of presenting findings and future plans at their annual conference, as well as quarterly meetings face to face, strengthening the relationship between Smokeylemon and Latitude Homes.

And the results?

Website visitors

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Leads captured through the website


Online brochure downloads


Average monthly website visitors


In addition to these great results, Latitude Homes has added 3 new franchises since Jan 2018 and 2019 sales growth is up 25% on 2018.

Want to work with a company that knows how to get results?

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So who are Smokeylemon and what do we know about marketing your business?

We’ve been making businesses better since 2001.

We are a New Plymouth based creative marketing agency, don’t let our location fool you, we’ve been helping New Zealand businesses and national franchises grow by developing influential brands, designing cross-device experiences, building custom websites and delivering innovative marketing campaigns that align with your business goals and your audiences’ ever-changing expectations.

From being an itty bitty web design company in 2001, we have evolved to become a full-service marketing agency.

Our growing team of 12 talented professionals each come from different backgrounds and areas of expertise: strategists, graphic designers, developers, digital marketing specialists and project managers. It’s this fine mix of personalities and skills that have helped form many successful relationships with and many successful projects for our customers.

Smokeylemon have taken Latitude Homes from outside of the top 20 group home building companies in New Zealand in 2017 to be 18th in 2019 and 12th in 2020.

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