Our Digital Marketing Team

Mandy McGregor

Big Cheese

Mandy is the director of Smokeylemon, and has a BSc.(Hons) in Computer Software Development.  Mandy’s role includes Sales, Search Engine Marketing & Optimisation (SEO/SEM), consulting & reviewing the clients work to ensure that they have the best possible start to their website & design. She's a bit crazy, but has a million ideas to share with you.

Mandy McGregor Owner & Big Cheese at Smokeylemon Website Design New Plymouth

Cameron Oulsnam

Senior Developer

'Web Cam' is our senior developer at Smokeylemon. With nine years experience in his field, he is one of the rare few that can design and programme. Cam is also a rock fanatic who plays guitar and is a man of many skills.

Cameron's skill set is wide but key ingredients include: Graphic Design for Web, HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL, CMS developer, fluent in all Adobe products and can hand code a site like a demon.  He loves making 'things' with code. The coolest data nerd we know.

Cameron Oulsnam Senior Developer at Smokeylemon Website Design New Plymouth

Jo Brimelow

Accounts Extraordinaire

Not one to mince her words, Jo organises the office, handles the accounts, sorts out the hurricane Mandy leaves behind!

Jo's role in the website side of Smokeylemon is accounts and business management, and frequently the reality-checker on 'head in the clouds' designers.  She is a rock star in the office!

Jo Brimelow Accounts Extraordinaire at Smokeylemon Website Design New Plymouth

Jono Hodgson

Graphic & Website Designer

Jono makes sure all the left-over food has been eaten, and ensures morning tea has been secured by those required to do so. Jono is our graphic designer, he designs all our website, logos, business cards brochures and anything else creative in the print & digital world.  He can hand-code a one page website if you want him to too!

Jono Hodgson Graphic & Website Designer at Smokeylemon Website Design New Plymouth

Shane Thomas

Senior Developer

Shane-o is our other Senior Developer & all round calm guy. He can roll out custom code with ease & also is one of the few computer geeks that can speak in normal language to a customer.  He's great at figuring things out & outside of the office he gets his bow & arrow and shoots stuff!

Shane Thomas Senior Developer at Smokeylemon Website Design New Plymouth

Jai Barlow

Junior Developer

Jai is the junior developer of the team, he joined us in February of 2016 after completing his studies in web development in Auckland.  He is our training man for client training on how to use their websites, and is impressive in both vocabulary & code.  He is the gentleman of the office!

Jai Barlow Junior Developer at Smokeylemon Website Design New Plymouth

Lewis Hardy

Junior Smokeylemon Coder

Lewi is the man who walks in the office & sorts out what we cant get to.  From documentation to moving websites, adding content, file management, checking our work & anything else that requires a bit of detail.  He has been with us for about three years now, and can belt out a good Bohemian Rhapsody on request.

Lewis Hardy Junior Coder at Smokeylemon Website Design New Plymouth

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