Terrorise your town with clever copy, desirable branding and up-to-the minute digital marketing.


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Marketing Digital, print and radio

Reaching the right people with the right message and the right time - that’s the key to marketing. Your next customer is never far from a screen, a radio or a billboard so you need to make sure you pop up when they are looking for a product or service like yours. We are certified Google Partners and call us old fashioned but we also write and design radio and print ads too - HOW QUAINT!

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Design Graphic design and branding

When words aren’t enough you need to hit them between the eyes with great graphics and consistent branding. We run brand development workshops to distil the pure essence of your business and design print materials to release those unique qualities in visual form out onto the unsuspecting world. GO GET EM' TIGER!

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Web Development Websites and apps

Your online presence is a COLOSSAL force for creating trust with potential customers. Smokeylemon create effective, updatable, secure, responsive websites designed to work on all devices. Ok, maybe not your egg beaters but not for lack of trying.

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The results are DEVASTATING!


After just 3 months with us, one client achieved: 193% increase in web visits, over 4.4 million digital brand impressions, a 400% increase in Facebook likes, over 16k brochure downloads and the highest sales month in 10 years of business.

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