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Olabase - Web Design
Olabase - Web Design

The Olabase team wanted a way to promote their product and direct users to an external website to purchase.

The website design needed to be simple, brand conscious and give a clear direction to a call to action, it also needed to primarily give the user information on what the product was, and how it could benefit you.


olabase devices

The client also wanted a simple logo designed, since ola means 'wave', a circular wave icon was picked, and we designed a logo around this icon, gave the website a blue water colour, coupled with some real plant pictures taken with the product itself, and the olabase brand was given life on the interweb!

Real Deal Hurt Creme is 100 per cent plant based, so we had a definite need to show this, so we had some fun with putting the product into several planters to give it a really organic feel.

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Every business is different, therefore every website we build is customised to reflect the customers personality and requirements.  We can build you a simple one-page website through to a self managed website.  What is important is that we align it to your brand, your culture and your personality.  Your website should be something you actually want to use, want to promote, and works for you 24/7.


We develop everything in-house using the latest technology.  

We build with Search Engine Optimisation and Marketing in mind, and we bring together the best of design, user experience and content so you are as proud as we are with the end result.


Management of domains and emails is also part of the service.  


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