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Taranaki Secondary School Sports Association - Web Design
Taranaki Secondary School Sports Association - Web Design

The Brief:


TSSSA (Taranaki Secondary Schools Sports Association) has a lot of information it needs to display to their viewers, and their old site just wasn't cutting it, the information was lost, hard to put in and the site wasn't responsive.


Working with TSSSA was heaps of fun, it was a great challenge and it drove us to think of some innovative ideas to sort through all the information.

We created a floating sports menu on the left, that meant the menu at the top was freed up, and all sports were easily accessible from any page.

News was given prime real estate and placed at the top, along with some awesome pictures of kids in action with sports.

TSSSA devices simple

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Website Design - The Process

Every website is built around your goals, your expectations and best practise design, coding and Search Engine Optimisation - giving your site the best start in search engines.   

The process is straightforward and involves a bit of up-front decision-making.  We would meet to discuss your needs and get a sense of the type of website you require taking into account at least the following:

  • Fully Responsive Design For Mobile Devices
  • Consistent Brand Identity with Existing Branding
  • Whether the website is a Brochure (Information), E-commerce, or Custom-Developed Website
  • User Experience Design
  • Future Expansion Needs
  • Timeframe
  • Content / Photography
  • Domain Name & Hosting

A proposal is then put forward and then once accepted we work closely with you to achieve the desired result within the timeframe.  Talk to us today to see if we are a good fit for your project. 

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