Email is not dead, in fact, it's smarter than ever.

Email marketing is a powerful way to connect with people and it works best when it’s personalised.

We use Mailchimp to send customised newsletters based on your customers’ actions so that it is relevant to their interests.

Reach people specifically interested in your product or service and reconnect with them to generate higher conversion rates.

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A personal way to reach your audience

Smokeylemon works with email marketing program Mailchimp on behalf of our clients to create personalised connections and timely communications. Not only can we personalise the emails based on the information provided by the customer, but with segmented mailing lists, we can ensure that your clients only get the information that is relevant to them. 

Not only can you send emails at the touch of a button Smokelemon can also strategise and design an automated email release plan based on actions that people take on your website.


Got items left in the shopping cart? Bang - off goes an email to remind them. Got a customer visiting a product page but not buying? Bingo - off goes an email with a discount voucher to encourage purchase. Or maybe you have information that you want to drip feed your customers to help push them gently through to close a sale. All this can be achieved with great email content and a clever release strategy.