Although Google promotes AdWords to businesses as a do-it-yourself platform the reality is much different. Many small businesses have tried and failed due to their limited understanding of Google algorithms and how they work.

Smokeylemon is a Certified Google Partner and our expertise means that we can bring you more customers by developing an integrated digital marketing strategy featuring Google AdWords, social media marketing, search engine marketing and display advertising to allow you to do what you do best - provide goods or services to those new customers.

Need A Better ROI?

Proud Certified Google Partner

Our Digital Marketing team hold certifications from Google that allow us to optimise your digital campaigns to make the most of your budget, find the correct ad placements, ensure that you are showing when your market is online the most and build the right audiences types for your ads.

Smokeylemon's team work within Google's vast advertising network of search ads, display ads, shopping ads, remarketing, video ads through youtube and mobile-specific in App advertising.

But it's not just the reach you achieve, its the feedback you get. Once you have a campaign in place we are able to analyse the results and tell you about the behaviours of your audience allowing you to make better decisions about your advertising spend. There is no other advertising system that gives you better analytics on how advertising dollar was spent and who took notice of your ads.