Sharpspring Marketing

What is Sharpspring?

SharpSpring is a sales and marketing management platform with powerful automation capabilities. Its
suite of tools empowers sales and marketing professionals to drive more leads, convert more leads
to sales, and optimize their return on investment.

Any digital marketing agency can benefit from using SharpSpring for its clients. The platform stores all
sales and marketing data in one place, making it the perfect control center for running your clients’
campaigns. All of the tools necessary for optimizing those campaigns are also built in to SharpSpring,
so you can quickly obtain valuable insights and then act on them directly from SharpSpring.

With everything in one place, you’ll find it easier than ever to grow your clients’ marketing programs
and prove your ROI.

Benefits for Marketing:

More Leads, Less Spend

  • See an end-to-end picture of the customer journey, from first interaction to conversion and beyond.
  • Track leads acquired through both online and offline channels, including phone calls.
  • Know which campaigns are most effective and increase the number of leads that come in without increasing spend.
  • Create automatic email marketing campaigns based on the behavior of your leads.

Benefits for Sales:

More Sales, More Revenue

  • Use VisitorID to identify anonymous web visitors, and easily create new lead records using the integrated CRM.
  • Focus time on sales-ready leads that have already been nurtured with relevant content and prioritized with custom lead scoring.
  • See the complete history of every lead, and shape your sales pitch around his or her specific interests.
  • Create alerts for salespeople on hot lead activity so they can immediately reach out whenever a lead demonstrates interest in making a purchase.

Marketing Automation Comparison Guide

Download your copy here.