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It is immensely important to capture the attention of your customers and to reflect your authority and expertise in a consistent and professional way.

Brand design is more important than you may realise. Designing consistent visual elements for brands plays a critical role in promoting the personality of any business earning loyalty, recognition and trust. 

As a New Plymouth based full-service agency, we have delivered branding and design work around the world, from logo designs right through to full brand developments, helping our clients create a professional trusted image.

Brand Strategy & Workshop

Your brand has meaning. From determining a name for your business to re-branding an established organisation, our brand designers work with you to pull out the values that are important to your business, the colours & fonts that will strengthen meaning and messages that reflect everything you stand for. We work closely with you to plan how and where this is used, set up standard brand guidelines and hand over something that you are proud to be associated with.


Company Rebranding

If you have identified that your brand is no longer providing you with the impact you need, or your business has changed extensively, then the design team can peel back the design, look at all the collateral, and get to the heart of the business. From there we rebuild and refresh the brand and roll it out across everything you need. 

Find out how DTS transformed their brand.

Brand Strategy v3

Logo Design

We love developing brands that make you want to show it off to the world. Whether you have some ideas already, or not really sure where to start, our graphic designers will get the ideas flowing and create a brand that communicates your business’ unique personality to the world.

We will start with a logo design and when we have that looking brilliant we can further develop that brand into marketing assets from business cards, flyers and publications through to car signage.

Logo Design

Touch Screen & UX Design

Kiosk and touchscreen experiences are another way to connect with your customers. From flat graphics on a screen to photo & video our clever designers can storyboard a concept, walk through the user experience and develop a unique interactive touchscreen experience.  User experience is an integral part of any on-screen activity

From visitor centres to large office buildings we can work with you to engage and educate your audience.

Touchscreen UX

Promotional Design

We have designed booklets, & publications, brochures, letterheads, business cards, pull-up banners, car signage, product tags, notepads, stickers, presentation folders - anything you can think of, we've probably done it, and we're looking forward to doing it again for you!

We work with you to implement your brand across multiple promotional materials and platforms ensuring that you remain top-of-mind and that your message is understood loud and clear.

Promotional Design v2

Photo Retouching

Have you ever taken a photo for a project and thought “it’s good, but it needs to be in front of an active volcano to make sense” or “this photo of Queen Street is too dark, and there needs to be more cars and an elephant”. But you can’t control traffic, and where would you find an elephant at this time of year? That’s where it might be easier to consider jumping into Photoshop and skilfully retouching that image. 

Having the right Photography for your business can be challenging, and thats where our designers can help get your imagery looking exactly how you want it. Whether its as simple as colour grading an image or adding in a spaceship, we can take your photography from sub-par to super! Check out some of the retouching we did for the Taranaki Mountainairs in the link below. 

Retouching v2

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