Facebook Pixel: Reach customers on facebook based on what they did on your website

Facebook Pixel is a key tool that gives you important information about what people are doing on your website.

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Written by Smokeylemon Team

8 November 2017 | 2 Minute(s) to read

Facebook is much more than a social network. Its 1.49 billion users, its exceptional targeting capabilities -by behaviors, interests, demographics, connections, age ranges, languages, or locations- and the time your customers spend on it makes Facebook a powerful digital advertising tool.

If you’re using Facebook ads (or you plan to start), Facebook Pixel is a key tool that gives you important information about what people are doing on your website (what they are looking at, clicking on or searching for). With this information, you can:

  • Measure the success of your campaigns by tracking conversions, sales and events.
  • Make sure your ads are being shown to the right people.
  • Build advertising audiences for future ads, based on what users do on your site.
  • Remarket to people who have already visited your website.


Target valuable audiences and remarket

Facebook Pixel is a piece of code that you add to the header of your website. It works by using cookies to track users as they interact with your website and your Facebook ads.


When someone visits your website after clicking on a Facebook ad the pixel is triggered and records what users do on your website - such as when they view a product, add a product to their shopping basket or make a purchase.

You can use this information to build Custom Audiences and reach those customers again through Facebook ads. For example, you could show an ad for the product they abandoned in their shopping cart or added to a wishlist.


You can install the pixel on your website even if you’re not using Facebook ads yet. It will collect the information about your website visitors so you can create custom audiences for your first ad.

In our next post, we’ll tell you what to do after the pixel is installed and how to create your custom audiences.

We can do it for you

If you don’t know how to add a Facebook pixel to your website code, get in touch with us. We can also develop a Facebook Ads Strategy tailored to your business and marketing goals.

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