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Fifteen years experience in building great Websites, expanding into Online Marketing and Graphic Design Services from New Plymouth, empowering our fantastic customers the world over.

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We are a team of experienced Website Developers, Graphic Designers, Content Managers, Search Engine Optimisers (SEO), Social Media & Marketing Specialists creating online solutions for our clients which are tailored to each individual situation.  

We know that everyone has different levels of knowledge & requirements & we enjoy helping to unlock their potential to allow us to do awesome things & realise our clients' dreams.

The team at Smokeylemon and what we actually do has evolved exponentially to keep up with modern-day technology, and user requests.  Part of our 'thing' is about being creative, a bit off the wall even, and exploring ideas to make you stand out.  

We are constantly researching and pushing all boundaries because we want to be awesome!  And we like to keep it simple.


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