Getting Maximum Engagement On Facebook With Canvas

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Written by Smokeylemon Team

8 September 2017 | Less than a minute to read

You run your own business, you find that your potential customers are in Facebook most of the time, you see a great opportunity there and decide to start using Facebook as your main Social Channel. After a couple of weeks you notice that you are not the only one doing that, you’re not getting found as much as you expected, no likes other than your family, no comments, the traffic to the website is not improving…

Well… you know what? There is a way to stand out from the crowd with Facebook Canvas and Smokeylemon can design it for you. Keep reading to see the great Canvas that we created for HeatCool Taranaki

Smokeylemon can manage your social media channels and design attractive and creative ads for you. 

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What Is Facebook Canvas?

Facebook Canvas are interactive mobile adverts that merge the best of creativity, design and storytelling to communicate a brand or product. Perfect for attracting new customers, growing your business audience, inspire mobile shopping or drive brand awareness.

What’s The Difference Between Canvas And Other Facebook Ads?

While Facebook ads are fixed images, videos or links to your site that you can promote in desktop or mobile, Facebook Canvas stand out thanks to their interactivity. They are specially designed for mobile and capture the complete attention of your audience through full-screen videos and photos, swipe through carousels and tilt-to-pan. Users won't just view your story, they'll become a part of it.

Tilt to pan

Tilt to pan option: The viewer can tilt their device to the left or right to see the parts of the image that extends beyond the width of the screen.

At Smokeylemon we manage several Social Media accounts and we know how to make our clients stand out! That’s why we created this Facebook Canvas to promote HeatCool Taranaki’s services to the local market. 

HeatCool Taranaki Tilt to pan

Some Figures Showing The Success Of Canvas 

- 103 link clicks (people who opened the ad, read the ad, then clicked through to the HeatCool Taranaki website)
- The ad reached 6443 people
- Time spent viewing ad on average: 26 seconds

Great performance and engagement!

Smokeylemon can manage your social media channels and design attractive and creative ads for you.

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