Graphic Design Goals: HPF New Logo

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Written by Smokeylemon Team

18 October 2017 | Less than a minute to read

We love the challenge of re-branding and giving our clients’ businesses a look that communicates their core values, reflects the daily hard work they do and makes them stand out from the crowd. It feels even better when the client is stoked with the results! 

Greg and Chris from High Performance Farming (HPF) came to Smokeylemon with the need for a new logo for their fast-growing farm management business. They also required digital marketing campaigns to broaden their customer base, but we agreed that the first big step was solidifying their brand and refreshing their old logo with a new look that reflected what they are as a brand.

Initial situation: HPF old logo

 HPF Old Logo

What Should The New Logo Reflect?

It sounds easy, but deciding what values and attributes are the best show in a logo or a brand re-design is definitely not. Although owners know their businesses more than anyone else, their thoughts, feelings and emotions about the brand are hard to put into words.

So, we guided them with a Brand Workshop session that helped them to establish the five attributes of their brand:

  1. Identity

  2. Personality

  3. Values

  4. Concept

  5. Promise

That session led to a brand strategy document based which among many other things established their core brand statement:

“Optimising the potential of your farm. 
Our grassroots experience and financial astuteness will help you secure a wealthier future through rural investment and smarter farm management. Stability through times of volatility, added performance in times of growth.

What We Did

After generating a brand document and their core brand statement, we created visual brand elements and developed a Marketing Strategy, using social media ads, Google search and display ads and a new landing page to capture leads that links with their paid campaigns.

HPF new logo


HPF New Logo


Google Display and Social Media Ads


Ads for HPF blog

Is It Working?

Sure is. In the first 18 hours of the Facebook campaign the advertising showed over 800 times at a cost of $12 and sent 23 people to the website. In the past 15 days, the Google advertising showed over 35 thousand times (great for brand exposure) at a cost of just under $100 dollars and sent 78 people to the website. That's 101 people sent to the landing page from the advertising at an average cost of $1.01 per visitor. 

These are great measurable numbers that you couldn't account for with print ads, that's why we as an agency we have invested so much time and training into digital, and our clients are certainly seeing the benefits.

Smokeylemon can help you with branding services from a logo refresh to a thorough brand strategy to base all your marketing actions.