Is an expo stand worth the $$$?

Is it worth it for businesses to participate in these events at any price?

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Written by Smokeylemon Team

21 May 2018 | 4 Minute(s) to read

Fieldays is the largest agribusiness expo in the Southern Hemisphere, attracting a crowd of 130,000 people every year. It has become an iconic must-go event showcasing the very best of our primary industries.

With this massive event coming up, we found the perfect excuse to talk to you about event marketing - that is, marketing your business at a trade show. Is it worth it for businesses to participate in these events at any price?

According to previous Fieldays stats, more than 130,000 in-market people will be gathering together at the same time and place, looking for cool stuff to buy, learn or get inspired from. This sounds like paradise for agricultural businesses or consulting firms that want to demonstrate their latest innovations and technology, showcase featured products and services, expand their customer database or get more sales in this short period of time.

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With such a promising scenario, companies see Fieldays and other similar events as a must-do on their marketing strategy, investing large amounts of money to get a spot. What most business owners don’t realise is that there will be hundreds of other companies trying to catch the attention of those precious eyes, ears and wallets. If you haven’t planned to be memorable or are without a clear follow-up strategy, the investment on the exhibition space can instantly become a waste of money.


5 tips for a successful event marketing strategy

Smokeylemon wants you to make the most of these valuable opportunities without wasting your budget. We have put together five tips for a successful event marketing strategy:


1. Do the research and set goals

event marketing goal setting

 Most people don’t see events as a marketing action with specific goals and expected returns. Before you start thinking about event logistics or printing thousands of flyers and collateral, decide why you want to participate in that event. Part of this stage of the process is learning more about the event, audience profile, the tools you will have at your disposal, the conditions of the space.

Set measurable goals such as the number of attendees, number of follow-up meetings, new sales, etc. This ensures that you have objective criteria to measure the effectiveness of your participation after the event.

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2. Design the message without being “Pushy”

event marketing design the message

 With your goals in mind, design a compelling and memorable message. This will be the concept which you will build on for all actions before, during and after the event. Don’t be pushy, find the way for people to be interested and engaged with your content.

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3. Be creative

Event marketing be creative

 In today’s world, buyers are empowered with more information than ever before. The modern consumer wants more than a pitch when evaluating solutions or making purchasing decisions. Hundreds of other companies will be distributing business cards and brochures. Innovate and try new materials, sizes, shapes, colours to ensure yours stand out!

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4. Go digital

Event marketing go digital

A strategic combination of offline and online marketing actions is essential. Get people interacting with your website, include a unique social media plan for each event you attend and don’t forget to be active on your social channels before, during and after the event.

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5. Follow up!

event marketing follow up

Stats show 80% of exhibitors don’t follow up their leads after the event. Following up leads is crucial to push people that engaged with you further down the purchase funnel. Work on a follow-up strategy before the event so that your email, phone call, and in-person meeting strategy is designed and ready to go.

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The benefits of event marketing can’t be denied. We highly recommend you taking part in these events as long as you follow these five tips. Don’t forget, events are a marketing action as any other and they need research, planning and results reporting.


Get ready to count customers, not costs. If you want a memorable presence and effective follow-up strategy for your next event.

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