Is Grammar Dead?

In this modern age of texting and changing language, you could be forgiven for thinking grammar and spelling is a thing of the past.

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25 February 2022 | 3 Minute(s) to read

In this modern age of texting and changing language, you could be forgiven for thinking grammar and spelling is a thing of the past. Is it really that important?

In short - YES.

While we can’t open up social media without seeing language modification at its best, from mixed up homonyms (you’re and your or to and too), to almost incomprehensible jumbled collections of words. Language, syntax, spelling and grammar are vital for a successful brand.

Here are four reasons you need to make sure your online presence and communications are perfect.


Who hasn’t received an email with dodgy language, possibly telling you that you have been selected to win a prize? It goes straight to the bin. Don’t be tarred with the same brush and have your communications not even read because there are mistakes in it. Even if you are lucky enough to avoid the rubbish folder, your brand credibility will suffer. You don’t have to be an English master, but you may need to find someone who is.

Reputation and perception

People will first make assumptions about your brand by how it looks. Are colours appealing? Is the design congruent with your product or service? Next, they will make judgments on the words you use and how you use them. So you mixed up bought and brought or you missed an apostrophe. Why is it a problem?
Rightly or wrongly, consumers may feel that if your spelling is not proficient, you may not be proficient in your field of business. It speaks of a lack of attention to detail among other things. A recent study showed that people on online dating apps are 14% less likely to chat with someone who uses poor grammar. The same is true in the business world but even more so. Mistakes on your website may mean they will move on to another retailer.


Punctuation and grammar play an important role in ensuring meaning is clear. Take this example. ‘Let’s eat grandma!’ Perhaps better as - ‘Let’s eat, grandma’. Or this one, ‘A woman without her man is nothing’. What a difference a colon makes - ‘A woman: without her man is nothing’. If your words are poorly constructed and readers are having trouble following, they will give up and move on and there are plenty of other businesses out there willing and ready to take their business. 

What goes online stays online

Once something has been released to the big wide world of the web, it is often there for perpetuity. Even content that you have changed on your website may still be accessible through internet archives - so get it right before you publish.

While it may seem like the value of good English is diminishing, there are still plenty of people who enjoy a well-written story or post. Despite grammar not being popular on Twitter, there is still a role for well-crafted language in the digital space. Is grammar important to you? 


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