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Written by Jono Hodgson [Graphic Designer]

8 November 2019 | Less than a minute to read

A mythical bird gives life to a new brand

I'm pretty lucky with my job that I get to work on some really cool projects where I can step away from the computer and grab a pencil and paper. Old school.

This was one of those jobs.

ROC Outboard Motors sell electric outboard motors. They needed a logo designed to show the environmentally friendly aspect as well as the performance these motors represent.

Other than creating an awesome brand, the brief was to include a mythical Roc Bird, while not looking mean, had to portray both performance and care for the environment.

So, I set to work sketching out this mythical bird and a few sketches later the initial form is roughed out as well as some ideas for font choice and placement.

roc logo design sketches

roc lodo design sketches 2

Once I was happy with these sketches I put the pencil and paper away and grabbed the mouse again, moving into the digital side I started transferring these into a digital format.

Transferring a sketch to digital creates challenges and highlights areas that need work, so using guides, we tweak, move, resize, delete and add our way to a much more refined form. Colours and fonts are explored, coffee is consumed and playlists are absorbed.

roc logo design progress

Now all the hard work pays off. After a few details are added and several tweaks are made, I peeled myself from the screen and presented this to the client.

roc logo design final 1

They loved it! 

After some feedback a final design was created and we now have a logo that is strong, has a good sense of direction and speed with a colour palette that leans towards an environmentally friendly product.

roc final logo design

Jono Hodgson

Senior Designer at Smokeylemon.

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