Smokeylemon is coming of age

It’s been a great year for Smokeylemon, so many awesome things have happened and we wanted to share them with you.

Happy 18th Birthday Smokeylemon

Written by Smokeylemon Team

20 September 2019 | 5 Minute(s) to read

It’s been a great year for Smokeylemon, so many awesome things have happened and we wanted to share them with you. See why we really feel grown up!


The biggest change for us this year was a complete rebrand. When we knew we were moving to a new office, back in November 2018, we found the perfect opportunity to relook at our offerings and refresh our brand, albeit with a super quick deadline to ensure that we got it sorted!

We cleaned up the logo, clarified our messages and defined our colours and fonts. We love our new brand, it’s confident, simple, professional and happy - we hope you love it too.

Smokeylemon Logo rebrand

Smokeylemon rebrand collateral


New office

Moving to a bigger office was another exciting highlight this year. 355 Devon Street East is our new address. Have you visited us yet?

New Smokeylemon building


Bike challenge

The Aotearoa Bike Challenge in February was a great team-building activity. The team biked to work every day and did a lunch ride every Friday of the month. The challenge brought fun moments over the month and a free lunch and gifts from Let’s Go!

Fresh air challenge


Susan, Tina & Carl, our new team members

The family got bigger (again!) this year. We welcomed three new team members: Carl is an addition to the Dev department, Susan is our Creative Services Manager and Tina is our Shopify and Content expert. 

Smokeylemon New team


First TV commercial production 

Smokeylemon’s first foray into television commercials was always going to be a giant leap for us as a company and one we knew we couldn’t do alone, but with a great story in hand and the help of some of NZ’s best animation and film production talent we’ve created exactly what we wanted to end up with… an ad that Kiwis would fall in love with. 


Our first promotional video

Another addition to our marketing and communication assets was a promotional video we are proud of. We use it as a presentation tool because it says a lot about who we are as a team and the diversity of work we can do for our clients.


Still the best marketing company ever

In June, we attended the annual Latitude Homes conference in Fiji, where we received the award for ‘Still the Best Marketing Company Ever’. Thanks Latitude Homes for growing with us!

 Ross and Mandy in Fiji


Mountainairs sponsors

On the 2019 season of New Zealand Basketball League, we were proud to sponsor our local team, the Taranaki Steelformers Mountainairs. From designing a new logo, passes and player cards that fans can collect at each home game, to creating billboards and social media posts to keep everyone updated, we aimed to bring the pace and excitement of each game to the players and fans each week.

Mountainairs Sponsorship

Womad app

For another consecutive year, we built the WOMAD app, which helps thousands of attendees to organise their own schedules and enjoy the most important cultural event in town. 


Little Fighters cocktail evening

In October 2018, we were the digital marketing sponsor for one of the biggest charity events in the region, the Big Heroes - Little Fighters Cocktail Evening. We worked collaboratively with the organising team to create the design, social and email marketing.

Thanks to our generous community, the charity auction raised $54,500.00, which doubled their expectations. All the proceeds were used to fund and support a room for Taranaki Families in the Ronald McDonald House at Starship hospital, Auckland. 

We even had Stu posing for the promotional image! 

Little Fighters


New challenges

By looking back, we can see it’s been a huge year for us and we are already working on some very cool projects that we can’t wait to share with you.

We are working collaboratively with another business to help bring their story and brand to life with the development of interior environmental graphics for their new offices and this weekend we release our first touch screen experience. 

Thanks to all the Smokey friends and clients who make this possible!

Need a creative agency to sell your story and promote your brand? Give us a call, we’re 18 now, you don’t even have to ask our dad.

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