Taranaki Mountainairs ready for the season with new website and print design!

Smokeylemon are proud to have been supporting the Mountainairs for several years through website and graphic design work.

Mountainairs showns on devices

Written by Smokeylemon Team

27 April 2018 | 2 Minute(s) to read

The Basketball season is about to start and at Smokeylemon we are proud to be sponsoring the Augusta Taranaki Mountainairs, who represent the region in the National Basketball League (NBL). Although we have been supporting the Mountainairs for several years through website and graphic design work, 2018 was the year for a full website upgrade with some great features.


Website upgrade

The initial situation showed a website with a generic name and domain that didn’t include the name of the team: www.taranakibasketball.nz, although basketball related, this domain was not clear about the site’s purposes and Augusta Taranaki Mountainairs was only a section within the site. The site didn’t show the Mountainairs logo or any content related to the team on the home page either.

Mountainairs showns on devices

The new website domain is www.mountainairs.co.nz, which initiates a huge change for their brand as it allows a better name retention, it is easy to recognise and shows the Mountainairs as the centre of attention across the entire site. The new website is desktop and mobile friendly, very easy to use and even easier to manage.


Can’t get to a game? No problem, head to the website & watch the play-by-play as it happens.

Visit the Mountainairs website


Graphic design

The graphic design work for this season consisted in a set of posters to promote the games, membership passes and a game program booklet (coming soon!). All these designs show the use of lines, colours and contrasts in a way that gives a feeling of movement and intensity.

Mountainairs printed media


Thanks Mountainairs for giving us the opportunity to work with you again this year. All the best for the season!


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