The Best SEM Marketing Strategy with chat GPT

Calling all marketers, copywriters and content creators.

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Written by Sara Corleison

31 May 2023 | 3 Minute(s) to read

Calling all marketers, copywriters and content creators.

How do you see chat GPT, friend or foe? 


The fact of the matter is that it’s here to stay, so it’s time to ensure your business strategy, specifically your marketing and communications strategy evolves to encompass this powerful tool and make sure you use it to its full potential. 

No, it does not replace the human brain, but it can enhance our outputs. Much like how the classic calculator blew the abacus out of the water and changed the game for mathematicians across the globe. It’s time to adapt or be left behind. 

Did we write the above with Chat GPT? No, this has been pure human banter. But the below summary of  the benefits of using Chat GPT in your SEM marketing strategy was AI generated and we rate its strategic input: 

Using Chat GPT to optimise your Search Engine Marketing (SEM) strategy can be valuable. Here are some ways to leverage Chat GPT for SEM optimisation: 

Keyword Research:

  • Engage in a conversation with Chat GPT to brainstorm and generate keyword ideas relevant to your business.
  • Discuss your target audience, industry, and specific products or services to uncover valuable keywords for your SEM campaigns.

Ad Copywriting with chat GPT:

  • Seek assistance from Chat GPT to generate compelling ad copy variations.
  • Provide information about your target audience, unique selling points, and campaign goals to refine the generated ad copy.
  • Iterate with Chat GPT to generate multiple versions, test them, and identify the most effective ad copy for your SEM campaigns.

Ad Campaign Planning with chat GPT:

  • Discuss your SEM campaign goals, budget, and target audience with Chat GPT to get insights and recommendations.
  • Seek suggestions on campaign structure, ad groups, bidding strategies, and targeting options to optimise your campaigns.

Landing Page Optimisation with chat GPT:

  • Discuss landing page design, layout, and messaging with Chat GPT to get suggestions for optimising your landing pages.
  • Share the goals of your landing pages (e.g., lead generation, sales) to refine the messaging and call-to-action recommendations.

Performance Analysis with chat GPT:

  • Share your SEM campaign data, metrics, and goals with Chat GPT.
  • Seek recommendations on optimising bidding strategies, adjusting keyword targeting, or refining ad placements based on performance data.

Competitive Analysis with chat GPT:

  • Engage in a conversation with Chat GPT to discuss your competitors and their SEM strategies.
  • Gather insights on their keywords, ad copy, and landing pages to identify opportunities for improvement and differentiation.

Ad Extensions and Formats with chat GPT:

  • Discuss different ad extensions and formats available in SEM platforms with Chat GPT.
  • Seek recommendations on the most suitable extensions and formats to enhance your ad visibility and engagement.

Remember, while Chat GPT can provide valuable insights and suggestions, it's important to validate the recommendations by analysing real-time data, conducting A/B testing, and incorporating your own domain expertise. Chat GPT can serve as a helpful tool to generate ideas and spark discussions, but the final decisions should be based on a comprehensive analysis of your specific SEM campaigns.


Thanks Chat GPT! At Smokeylemon we’re adapting to Chat GPT but we know there’s still a pivotal place for real human intelligence and insight. Chat GPT is a tool, it’s your choice how you use this platform to your advantage. 


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