Base Power

Rebrand, Photography, Videography, Custom Website

The brief

Base Power came to us for a rebrand and website build to set them apart from their parent company, Powerco. Their brand colours and assets were originally aligned with Powerco’s brand and Base Power wanted to stand apart from this. What they required was a full rebrand included a new brand aesthetic, photography, videography, marketing and a new website.

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The rebrand

The solution was a complete rebrand that included a new logo and new brand aesthetic. The new brand was inspired by the company's name, Base Power. The idea behind the rebrand was to have a strong foundation that the company could build on. The new logo is a strong and simple mark that is easy to recognise and remember. The new brand colours are inspired by nature and the company's renewable energy focus.

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Photography & Videography

Using the new brand guidelines, we headed to Martinborough where Base Power have a number of their Base Power units being used by farmers deep in the hills. We took the jeep and hit the gravel road armed with the DSLR and DJI Mavic drone. Over two days we captured a number of video and photos to be used for the website, adverts and brand video. 

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Our team designed and built a responsive, modern website that is optimised for getting their message out. The website features engaging content and a simple user interface that is easy to navigate. The website is also optimised for search engines which will help Base Power to rank higher in search results and drive more traffic to their website.

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