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Website and brand refresh for Legal Solutions

Brand refresh

We have a good relationship with Legal Solutions, and they approached us with the need of updating their brand to launch with the new website. Legal Solutions needed to keep the look and feel the same, but with an updated modern, unique, and professional overhaul. The new logo features custom hand drawn type, updated colours and specific attention to detail in regards to the spacing of each letter and their relationship to each other.

We love the new logo and so do Legal Solutions, we think it shows off the professionalism, creativity and passion that the team has.

legalsols brand Block2

New website

Legal Solutions needed a big refreshed website to match their awesome culture and business that has grown over the years. The website needed to be friendly, down-to-earth, yet modern unique and colourful just like their passionate team.


The project

This project was a pleasure to work on, not only because of the awesome team at Legal Solutions, but because they gave us the freedom to work our magic, with their direction and valuable input we were able to come up with a really cool design that we think is something to be proud of. We added some subtle animations at the top of all pages that ads movement and a uniqueness to the website, we clear cut all their professionally taken photos, added vibrant colour and an off-set block layout to give a natural boutique feel, but also to make it interesting to look at and read.

legal sols block v2
Adlam, Tina

Tina Adlam

Content Geek & Lite Site Maestro

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