Touch screen experience

Interactive experience design & development

Methanex approached us to design an experience that would educate the public about the benefits and uses for Methanol in everyday life. They wanted to have an interactive experience that they could use in their information centre and on the road. After hearing their stories and what they wanted to showcase, we came up with the idea of having a touchscreen experience with 3 interactive maps which showed how Methanol is used globally, regionally and in the home.

Touchscreen experiences

The touchscreen experience has 3 interactive maps which show how Methanol is used globally, regionally and in the home.

Methanex Project page Block 2


We decided that the best way to showcase these maps would be by having interest points on the map that the user would click on and explore to find out about the use of Methanol. The information was presented in the form of infographic, text and/or video.

We sorted the information from Methanex into the 3 categories; sustainability, facility and energy, and rewrote the content to have a less corporate focus, give it a friendlier tone of voice and make the science easier to digest. Once we had the wireframe and content sorted, we went into the design phase.

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Methanex has a global look and feel which they use across some of their promotional material. The experience had to be in line with this which was an isometric / infographic illustration style.

We began illustrating the maps and user interface, keeping the look consistent across the 3 maps so that transitioning from one map to another was familiar for the user and so that the experience as a whole fitted in with other Methanex promotional material.

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The final product

In the final phase, we brought the content and artwork together and built the touch screen experience. We combined dozens of images, spreadsheets and video into the experience and did extensive testing to make sure the user experience was intuitive and was bug free. Once the experience passed all the checks, we deployed the file to the clients touch capable devices remotely from Smokeylemon HQ.

Due to the analytics we set to get measurement on usage, we are delighted to be able to inform the client that over the four hours of their open day, the two touchscreens set up combined to capture over five hours of public engagement in corporate information.

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