website design for ricoh taranaki

Ricoh Taranaki was after a website unique to them so they could stand out and showcase information relevant to the products and services they provide their customers. The end result is a site that is pleasing to look at and offers all the information needed to showcase all the products.

website design & special features

Their original website was tied into the national site which meant they often displayed information that was not relevant to their business. The new site is region-specific and shows relevant information for Taranaki and Wanganui customers. From the website, customers can browse products, place orders for toner, schedule service requests and download useful resources.

The design reflects the awesome team in Taranaki and Whanganui, unique, friendly, professional and colourful. The core of the business is colour, we needed to reflect that in the design, so we used vibrant and colourful imagery with clear cut product images. The end result was a page that was pleasing to look at and offered all the information needed to showcase all the products.

Ricoh Website v2