Taranaki Airs 2022

Photography, Design, Website

Taranaki Airs 2022 Season

This year we took our partnership with the Taranaki Airs to the next level, providing not just design collateral for the season, but also photography and a new website.

Mountainairs 2022 Image 2 FG v2


A huge part of this years design was the player photography. During a training session, a number of the Smokeylemon team went to the Airs training gym and took photos of each of the players. Starting with the profile shots, we got a number of front on shots of each player in a number of poses. We then got the players to come down to the end of the court and do multiple layups, free throws and 3 point shots. We then brought the images back to the studio and retouched them all to be used in social, billboards, and printed posters.

Mountainairs 2022 Image 4

Social templates

This year, we created a number of social templates for each game. Each tile was made for both Instagram and Facebook. Home games were coloured using the teams primary yellow and the away tiles were coloured using the teams secondary red colour. The templates were made so that the info for each tile could be filled out on the game day.

Mountainairs 2022 Image 6 FG


For each of the home games, we create artwork to run across a number of sites in New Plymouth

Mountainairs 2022 Image 8 FG

Game Programme

For each home game, Smokeylemon would create a unique programme featuring the players for both teams, a blurb from the General manager and fixutres and results. This PDF was hosted on the Airs website and could be accessed by a URL or by scanning a QR code at the games. The Interactive PDF also included links the the supporters could follow to purchase tickets to future home games. The QR code generator we used also tracked the scans of the programme.

Mountainairs 2022 Image 10 FG

The new Sports Lite Site

The Airs were in need of a new website to fit their budget and requirements. The solution we came up with was to create a Lite Site which  had been developed with sports teams and clubs in mind. The Airs have the ability to use elemental blocks to build their website out as they need, they have a purpose built table for their results and fixtures and a blog for added news to their followers.

Mountainairs 2022 Image 11 FG