Taranaki Mountainairs

Team sponsorship and material

Team sponsorship

At Smokeylemon, we proudly support our local basketball team. Our design team has given the Taranaki Steelformers Mountainairs a world-class look with a new logo, website and print media as well as eye-catching social media posts.

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Social media management

The brand has been given huge coverage and support Taranaki wide, we needed to provide up-to-date imagery to support this. What resulted was a range of bright, modern and once again eye catching designs. Every season, working collaboratively with their social media team, we design and share posts that keep the Taranaki Mountainairs supporters up-to-date before and after the games.

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Website design & special features

On the website, the Mountainairs supporters can find information about the players, the game draw for the season, they can also buy tickets and view games on live stream. The Smokeylemon content team updates the site weekly during the season.

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